Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bumper Crop of Acorns!

Fun & Functional!
This Is Charming!
Unexpected Color
If There Are Acorns, One of These Guys Must Be Nearby..
Love That This Guy Is Modern!
Love These Salt and Pepper Shakers!
No Two Are Alike

Acorns Everywhere!

Acorn Happy!

A Trio
Great Tutorial-"How To" Here

A friend and I were talking last week.  We were commenting how there were so many acorns everywhere.  They are huge this fall and literally falling from the sky (well, the overhead trees).  She told me it was supposed to be a bumper crop for acorns this year.  I looked it up, just out of curiosity, because that's how I am...she's right!  From the north to the south, in Boston, along the Eastern seaboard, acorns are in overabundance everywhere.  This post is devoted to the "Acorn"!  Hopefully, there is a little something here for everyone!

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