Monday, November 28, 2011

Cobalt...Blue with a Past!

Roses Dancing in A Vase
Cobalt in a Basically Neutral Room

I love Cobalt!!
True Cobalt
Cobalt, the color, has history...
Infuse a Room with Color with a Cobalt Piece of Furniture
I love the color cobalt!  The rich, saturated hue of cobalt blue infuses a room with cheer and brightness.  The color itself is a history lesson that wanders back centuries.  There is a breathtaking garden in Morroco, specifically, Jardin Marjorelle, that is bathed in cobalt and surrounded by exotic foliage.  Sevres Porcelain is sometimes detailed in this elegant blue and embellished with gold.  I wanted to know a little more about cobalt, so I wandered around, exploring.  It is an ancient color that is as relevant and beautiful today as it was centuries ago.  This leads me to conclude that Cobalt is timeless!    

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