Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here's The Dish!

I have been "Pintresting" lately, is that a word?
I love plates on walls.  
I have a "plated wall" myself.
They are fun to collect, they add verve and personality
to a room and they are great conversation starters.
Here are some vignettes I found, that I like...
and, if you have not checked out Pinterest yet,
you need to.
Pinterest makes cataloguing, storytelling, and collecting photos from the internet, that you love and want to save.. soooo much easier!
Have fun exploring!
Black and White Plates!

Cities and Fun Sketches!

Pinned Image
Love the faces and silhouettes!

Pinned Image
These plates add warmth to an austere wall!

Pinned Image
This looks like a timeless collection.

Pinned Image
The color, the lack of symmetry,...perfect!

Pinned Image
The background color and plates, keeps it contemporary!

Pinned Image
Breathtaking! Huge Statement!!

Pinned Image
Love the frames around the plates!

 Great places to find plates are in consignment shops, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and
I have put some of my Etsy favorites on the
right side of this screen.
Everyone has their own rules for a plate wall.  
Mine are...
Plate must be black and white. 

I think I may start adding a little color.
Plate must be fun, humorous, or out of  the ordinary.
No traditional toile.

 (Not that I don't like toile, just not on my plates)
If given by a friend, or sentimental...no rules.

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