Saturday, January 14, 2012

Swarovski Rainbows, Up Close!

My office has a special feature. 
 There is a magical moment every morning when rainbows dance across the walls.  
I am not always there to see it, but when I am, I revel in the moment.
  The rainbows splashed across the wall never stay for very long.  
My mother-in-law gave us Swarovski snowflakes, every year for Christmas when she was alive.  
The light is an ordinary, contractors grade, chandelier that has been updated, um...modified...well, I tried to disguise it with with paint.  
I suspended the Swarovski snowflakes from the fixture and ended up with a very unexpected effect.
Rainbows, everywhere!
 Someday I want to replace this "chandelier", but for today, 
I love the rainbows shimmering on the walls, 
on a sunny morning.


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