Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...

I have long been a fan of clear chairs.
My favorite ghost chairs are by Philippe Starck.
I know they are not new on the scene, but  
the other day, on the blog,
Design by Mankind,
 the transparent chair was featured in
"buttercup" yellow!
I have seen it in color before, 
but this time I looked twice.
I did not even know I liked yellow that much!
Kartell Louis Ghost Chair

I have been collecting photos of the transparent chair in a variety of settings.
Personally, I like the chair best,
 when paired with the contrast of
opaque furniture.

I must get a clear chair!

via Pinterest

I also have discovered I like the idea of color.
If you had to choose a color,
would you be able too?
They are all just so pretty!
Pinned Image
LouLou Ghost

Colorful clear chairs
Kartell La Marie Transparent Chairs

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