Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Was Florence Broadhurst?

That was the question I asked myself when I saw the new campaign for
Kate Spade, "Year of Color"
I am a huge fan of black and white design
and I love the backdrop and large scale repeat on their new merchandise.

Florence Broadhurst
Florence Broadhurst

#dresscolorfully kate spade new york spring 2012 campaign, daniel jackson
Kate Spade
Florence BroadhurstJapanese Floral
Signature Prints 
held answers to my question.
Their manufacturing facilities are located in Australia.
David and Helen Lennie are the proud custodians of the extraordinary 
Florence Broadhurst design library. 
 Florence Broadhurst was born in Queensland, Australia
and she traveled the world,
 eventually returning to Sydney, 
where she began painting and designing prolifically.

Florence Broadhurst
She started her own hand painted wallpaper business in 1959.
Florence Broadhurst

But you have to go take a look at
There is fascinating video, vibrant design, merchandise, graphic room inspiration
 and if you are in Australia...
you may even take a tour!
Okay, I've given you the black and white...
But she designed flamboyant wall papers in vibrant color!
Architectural Digest did a brief, but interesting article on her complete with photos. 
 Now go see for yourself!
Did it inspire you?

Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst

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