Thursday, April 5, 2012

Linen Napkins!

Yesterday, I posted about tablescapes for Easter Sunday.
Then, I went shopping for beautiful napkins.
I cannot help but think I should have posted these
pretty finds a couple of weeks ago,
as it may be too late to order these for the festivities this weekend.
I will do better next year.
These napkins would be gorgeous any time,

they add polish and sophistication to a table top.
They make the setting special.
I found the napkins below on Etsy,
but Pottery Barn, West Elm, Neiman Marcus,
carry elegant napkins all year round.
I love all of the ones below for different reasons,
whether they are
 hand painted, monogrammed,
 I adore the napkins by Imali,
that are folded like bunnies.

I'm off...
I have to get ready for guests!

Hydrangeas Bloom
via Pinterest


Acorn Papery
Love Daniella
Dream House 1

Margot Bianca
JB World

Celina Mancurti
Eliza Jay Home

fresh flowers
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