Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Discovery...It's on the Cusp!

 Neiman Marcus has been tastemaker and trendsetter
 in style and fashion for many years.
They foster and patronize young artists and
whose careers bloom when they are carried at Neiman Marcus.
I worked for Neiman's
and several years later,
after I left, 
became a vender who designed and manufactured
 beautiful home accessories that Neiman Marcus featured in their stores.
It has been few years, but I still watch to see what direction they are taking with merchandise they choose.
They have their finger on the pulse!

So... I was delighted when I made this fun discovery. 
A new, contemporary concept by Neiman Marcus,
called, Cusp.com.
A great, online store!
It is Neiman Marcus,
 but more youthful and prices vary widely.
 They define themselves this way...
   "Cusp hand delivers the latest must-haves from leading designers,
 plus the best up-and-coming names,
 in hip store and online environments.
 Already in selected Neiman Marcus stores and six free-standing boutiques, 
this expertly curated selection for work, play,
 and every hot spot in between will soon be accessible in every Neiman Marcus store across the country."

Here is a taste of what they carry...
Go see for yourself!
Look at the "Most Loved" selections under the heading,
Here & Now.
Find everything below at Cusp.com!

. Panacea Circle Drop Earrings (CUSP Most Loved!)

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