Monday, July 23, 2012

Can A Dorm Be Stylish On A Dime?

Here are some fetching ideas for dorm rooms
 I have been collecting on Pinterest.
The first room has pretty elements that could easily 
be found in a thrift store or consignment shop.
The white mirror, brass lamp, and accessories all full of character.
I love the graphic element behind the cliche' dorm bed.
Notice the covered bulletin board for jewelry. 

Dorm room style
via Pinterest - Kara Paslay Designs

So, what are some items to be looking for?
1) Vintage finds that will add charm.
2) A cozy rug (hide that dorm floor).
3) Floor pillows for comfort and friends.
4) Paint your cork board.

dorm room idea.
The Happy Home Blog

5) A pallet (Paint it. If you cannot hang it, prop it up)
6) Lots of photos of friends and family, display liberally!

Paint the pallet white and hang stuff from it
via Pinterest

7) Commando Hooks!  Love Commando hooks!
(Hang purses, backpack, hats, pictures, scarves...think outside the box.
8) Keep the bedding simple and take a warm throw, 
maybe down...
(that way you can change accessories and change the look).
9) An inexpensive swag light from Ikea adds light and ambience.

via Pinterest

Way to hang purses in dorm room
via Pinterest

Love the Hats
via Pinterest

So, there you go.
Some simple tips, a little different than what you find on every
college list.
See how you can make your dorm, look like the next best thing to 

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