Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Brass Elephant!

I have had several people ask me where I found my brass elephants.
I literally stumbled over this pair in a thrift shop.
Initially, I thought I would take them home,
spray paint them in a soft white and use one for a ring holder
on my bedside table.
Shh..I heard a gasp!
Yes, I was going to paint them!
 I would keep one and give one to my daughter.
I placed them in a vignette
and now...
I think they are going to stay brass for while.
I found more brass pachyderms on Etsy.
A few, I like better than my own!
Maybe you will find one you like.
Brass Circus Elephants
The White Pepper
Brass Elephant Good Luck Trunk in the Air
Wishing Wells Glass
Retro Small Pair Brass Elephants Ornaments Paper Weights Cubist Style Modern Shape
Found In The Ground
Family of 3 Elephants solid brass
Young Heart Old Soul
Brass Elephant
Amelia Rose Vintage
Brass Elephant
Dressing Room Interiors
Hollywood Regency Sculpture retro 1960s large Mid Century Brass Elephant with long tusks wavey ears
Our Sierra Treasures
The Ultimate large vintage brass elephant Hollywood Regency large brass animal figurine
Clyde Home
Brass Elephant Good Luck Trunk in the Air
Wishing Wells Glass

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  1. Lovely finds I fell in love with those elephants when I found them, my Grandfather was an artist and he drew them alot :-)


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