Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Inspires You?

 If asked the question, "What Inspires You?",
Every one of us would have a different answer.
Our response would differ from day to day
Depending on our circumstances
Today, for me it was a design.
Presently, in marketing I have noticed several companies who have been in
business for generations
capitalizing on their experience and craftsmanship.
This adds value and esteem to a product some would just consider...
One such company is Louis Vuitton .
Louis Vuitton – Invitation Origami | Happycentro

Companies such as this also employ and commission artisans
that are master's in their field.
This beautiful origami invitation is designed by HappyCentro.
To view and admire the full design evolution (even how to fold this origami)
go here.
I am not showing it all here on my blog because I want you to visit their site.
Is this entire process not gorgeous?

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