Thursday, March 21, 2013

Etsy Favs Make a Cheery Day!

For friends out there that read this blog,
you know that I like to feature artists 
from Etsy
who have pretty shops or new, fun, creative designs.
Here is a peak at what is in my
right now!
No particular theme, 
but I love this juicy color.
Pink Tulip Photograph, Flower Photography, Spring Tulip Floral Art Print, Botanical Wall Decor
Judy Stalus
Mountains of Montana - neon pink and grey triangle pattern organic pillow, hand printed, 14" x 24"
Earth Cadets
Hot pink Silk scarf hand painted Woman gift - Spring fashion green botanical
Inspirational Wall Art, Inspirational art print, Pink, It's A Finger Snapping Kind Of Day, 11x14
Named by Art
Chunky Silver Chain Link Bracelet with Bright Pink Agate
Oia Jules
ORIGINAL 'Garden of Paint & Color'  30x30in  by Jennifer Mercede
Jennifer Mercede
Vintage Inspired Pink 27 Sparkle & Shine Tissue Tassel Garland
Everyly Lane Design

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  1. Thanks so much for including my photo on your lovely blog.

  2. Amazing finds! Thank you so much Roleen:)


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