Sunday, January 19, 2014

Have You Taken Any Skillshare Classes?

This winter over the Christmas Holidays
I discovered Skillshare!
Have you taken any classes with them?
When I saw a workshop entitled,
"Drawing Couture: Turning Fashion Designs into Art",
hosted by 
I could not resist!
Every night after everyone was in bed 
I would sit at my desk,
 select a model from my favorite J Crew catalog,
watch a tutorial with the lovely 
Dallas Shaw 
and then draw.
I was practicing a new form of art I never do.
So fun!
Okay, they still need work, but here are some preliminary sketches.
After you take a peek, hop on over to Skillshare 
and discover what they have to offer.
I would definitely take more workshops!
Dallas, if you hear me, do another one! :)

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