Friday, May 25, 2012

Abstractly Speaking!

I have been dabbling in abstracts lately.
After having several clients ask me if I would paint an Abstract,
I thought I would play.
That is the fun of art, isn't it?
We get to explore.
I always have an idea or technique on the back burner I want to try.
I also truly admire work other artists create.
They each have a different perspective,
 or way of seeing and combining colors than I do.
So here are a few abstract works of art that are sitting in my 
on Etsy.
Etsy, it is a great way to begin an art collection without breaking the bank.
Remember to buy what YOU like and want to live with! :)
MDaisley Moffet



J Gouveia

Ali Herrmann

Sarah Giannobile
J Foley Art

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  1. Beautiful art collection! I like the orange-pink colors very much :)


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