Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Best of This & That!

I have been dreaming about updating our bedroom lately.

Why is it the bedroom gets the least attention,

 it is the place where we go for refuge and relaxation?
I have collected some photos,
now I need to execute!
I have gleaned ideas I like from each look below,
to begin an inspiration board that will help me create a
 bedroom that will reflect my own personal style.
Now...I just need to get to work!

bedroom  classic/ serene
Love the classic look and curated feel. Antiques, just a few.

spring bedding this cheerful and bright
I have loved white with the impact of color...fooorever...still do!

luv the coral pillow and the mercury glass nightstand! <3
Like the tranquility of the color sea blue & mirrored dresser.
Clean lines, lots of white...
Enamored with the idea of a place to recline, that is not on the bed.
Unexpected texture in the mix of textiles.
grays so soothing
Wall lighting or swing arm lights, mismatched bedside tables.

master bedroom curtains?
Gray with white and subtle color.
Almost perfect, pop of color, art, texture??? LOVE!

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