Friday, May 4, 2012

Hydrangea, A Southern Love!

I was at Boxwood Gardens & Gifts in Atlanta the other day.
If you have not been, put it on your short list of boutiques to visit when you are in town.
They have flowers, furnishings, antiques, style trends & fashion.
I did not take pictures, but click on the link above to visit their store online.
Be sure to look at "Fashion", they had vintage couture button bracelets 
that featured Chanel, Givenchy & Hermes.
Very chic!
A visitor can wander several times around the store from one bountiful room to the next,
outside to the garden,
  and still not see all the merchandise.
So you may be asking yourself, why a post about Hydrangea?
Boxwood Gardens & Gifts was filled to capacity with Hydrengea in different colors
 and species, some rare.
I was thinking about them this morning when I was looking at Etsy.
Here is a collection of Hydrangea Art works from Etsy.
Different colors, styles, species...rare.
Which one do you like?
I like them all of them!

Two Story House
Moonlight Photography

Laura Trevey
Koral Martin
JoJo LaRue
Janet Zeh

Pineapple Bay Studio
Sharon Foster Art
Missy Cowan
Susan Kennedy

Margaret Tillian

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  1. What a beautiful collection!!! Thank you so much for including my print!

  2. All very lovely! I like hydrangeas of any kind.


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