Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make Mother's Day, Every Day!

This morning I intended to post about beautiful finds for 
Mother's Day.
 I began to think about my children and being a Mom.
What do I treasure the most that my kids have given me?
There are many moments, memories, and dear gestures,
I love to surround myself with notes and pictures my kids 
have sketched or colored on different occasions,
not just
Mother's Day,
 by displaying their art 
on important walls and in unexpected places!

There they are on the Gallery Wall!

I love these special little reminders.

 I was on the phone, she was worried.  
This is in my art armoire to remind me to be a good Mom!
"Dear Mom don't forget that Tuesday 20th is pictures"

If you are a new Mommy,
when those kids start picking up the crayons and coloring,
don't put everything in a box or a scrapbook,
hang art where you can see it,
every day!

  This is on the Gallery Wall too!!

You will be surprised how seeing those pictures and
 reading those sweet words
have the ability to give your spirits a boost on a bad day! not true!..
but these notes are on the bulletin board.

I have not kept everything, I edit.
I have also framed their art.
But here...see for yourself.

 No, it's not the real "Starry Starry Night",
it is the BEST "Starry Starry Night"!

 In a lingerie drawer, tucked away.

 On a study desk in the family room!

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