Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Imortalize Your Child's Artwork!

How to preserve your favorite works of art created by you child is often an issue.
There are plenty of unique and fun ways, 
but one of my favorite choices is
  having the artwork reproduced on something we use or look at 
every day!
Here are some fun, beautiful choices!
Think ahead for thoughtful gifts,
maybe Christmas, birthdays, or Dad's that travel
 or are overseas in the military...
Good idea?
I think so!
Your Child's Artwork made into  a Military Dog Tag - Our Family-Silver Pendant or Key Fob-Made to Order for your Soldier
Surfing Silver

Personalized Plastic Bag Children's Art Keepsake - Custom Made OOAK Set from Your Child's Artwork.
The Handmade Classroom

Your Child's Art made into a pin
Child Art Work Jewelry

Your Child's Artwork  Drawing Custom Silver Jewelry Necklace
Rock My World Inc.

Personalised embroidery gifts from yours or your child's drawing.
Teresa James
Your Kids Artwork on Silver Cufflinks
Chris Perry

Custom embroidered pillow  cover  - your  child's artwork (or your own)
Stray Notions
Your Child's Artwork ID Bracelet - Fine silver and Sterling silver-Made to Order
Surfing Silver

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