Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Imagine A Blue-Green Gallery Wall!

Usually when I write a post,
I select art that will compliment the subject I have chosen to talk about.
You can find them on the right side of my blog,
 under the caption,
"Ooohh..Lala...Art I Love"!
The finds are from Etsy,
and they are artists that I have added to my favorites.
There are so many artists on Etsy,
it can be overwhelming!
Here is a collection that I think would be lovely on a
Gallery Wall!
I snuck one of my own paintings in there, too.

lily pad painting, blue painting, blue and green painting, abstract lily pad, green blue art, abstract blue by sjkim

Painterly Barn Swallow, Blue, Black, Rust Orange, Sitting Bird on Blue Green - Original Painting by Clair Hartmann
Hart Art 13

Fine Art Digital reproduction .  Blue and Green Abstract
Bair Images

Blue Flower - Minimalist Art Watercolor Original Painting in Blue and Green
Fluid Colors

Turquoise Abstract Original Watercolor Painting - 12x12
Limezinnias Design

Untitled (Blue and Green) - painted mixed media assemblage
Mixed Media Art Design

Droplet Photograph 8x12 water drop abstract blue green aqua teal print fine art photography wall art decor
Anna Pontes Photography

Original oil Painting in blue and green Remembering Yosemite oil on wood
Victoria Veedell

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  1. Robin,
    Thanks so much for including my painting! :)


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