Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest DIY = Gold Glam for Thanksgiving Table!

This table setting started with a DIY project
from Pinterest. 
for making
gold leaf paper mache bowls.
Pretty, right? 

My sister-in-law came to visit and we decided to make a few
of these little bowls
for her 
Thanksgiving table.

We had a great time talking and laughing, it was a fun project!
These gold leaf bowls are actually designed to be
 little trinket holders for rings or jewelry,
they add some gleam and a precious gift 
for your guest to take home with them.
I quickly whipped up this tablescape
so I could take photos before I mailed them.
These golden paper mache bowls
 would also make sweet Christmas gifts for friends!

1/Hydrangea-My Garden  2/Silver Charger-Thrift Shop  
3/Napkins (similar)-Target  4/
5/Dinner Plate-Crate&Barrel  6/MacKensie-Childs Platter/Hand Blown Glass-Neiman Marcus
7/Cake Plate-TJ Maxx   8/Table Runner (curtain panel)-Ikea
9/Pumpkin Chai Macaroons-Compliments of a Friend
 (I'll have to get her recipe! Yum.)  

diy_gold leaf paper mache bowls

Step by step directions for making the bowls
There are several steps involved, so they take a few days to make...
always good to know that! :)

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