Friday, November 2, 2012

Sarah Richardson's Big Box Store Challenge!

Are you like me?
Do you love the way Sarah Richardson puts color and style together?
I am a huge fan!
This past week I was delighted to discover she has posted 
a 10 part web series
that chronicle her progress as she 
renovates a rundown house
 creates a gorgeous fashion statement, 
...the best part...
with products that can be found at a big box store.
Think Lowe's!
The latest post will come out today.
I can't wait!
She begins her journey with choosing paint colors.
Each tutorial follows with a 
full source guide that can be printed out
at the bottom of her page.
The results are amazing!

Go have a look for yourself, I'm sure you will be inspired!
Let me know what you think,
I love hearing from you!
Kitchen - Cabinets

Kitchen - design for lifestyle

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